tesla’s head of production has left company for ev startup lucid motors

Tesla’s Head Of Production Has Left Company For EV Startup Lucid Motors


Electric car making companies are currently in high demand because experts are claiming that the future is going to be electric vehicles. Now recent reports show that Tesla’s head of production left the company for working in a new EV startup called Lucid Motors. Peter Hochholdinger, who used to work in Tesla as a head of the production, has left the company for similar designation in a startup. Peter Hochholdinger was working for Tesla from last three years, and Tesla has managed to produce a right amount of EVs under his supervision.

However, since the news of Hochholdinger left came none of the company’s officials have decided to leave a comment on it. Tesla is still yet to make an official statement on leaving of Hochholdinger. There is an interesting turning point for this news also because Lucid Motors is that EV startup which was created by an ex-employee of Tesla. Peter Rawlinson, who former chief engineer at Tesla founded Lucid Motors after leaving his key managerial position at Tesla.

The report also shows that many engineers are going to Lucid Motors and leaving tesla for working with Peter Rawlinson plus now they have managed to grab Hochholdinger also. Rawlinson said that the company is happy to have Hochholdinger because he has immense knowledge of the manufacturing field in EV industry. Rawlinson also mentioned the benefits which Lucid Motors would be able to give to customers, and he thinks now they can deliver high-quality cars to customers. In 2017 Lucid Motors decided to launch a luxurious Electric car called Lucid Air for a starting price of $60000. Now experts think this recent news of leaving of Hochholdinger Tesla would help its competitor, but it would be interesting to see how they are going to manage other things.

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