The Helicopter App from Blade Can Solve the Problem of Traffic in Mumbai

The Helicopter App from Blade Can Solve the Problem of Traffic in Mumbai


A helicopter application for the rich people has picked the financial capital of India, Mumbai as their first city outside America. On Tuesday, the organization said that they will begin to offer a similar kind of on-demand service in Mumbai, starting early next year. Blade will get their hubs in Mumbai’s high-end ocean facing neighborhood Juhu and also in Mahalaxmi. The company even plans to offer flights between the two heliports and also to Pune.

Blade is also setting up a local subsidiary known as Blade India, in collaboration with Hunch Ventures, the Indian Investment firm. The CEO, Rob Wiesenthal cited India’s strong economy as one of the main reasons behind the launch of service in Mumbai. Boston Consulting Group estimated that cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bengaluru go on to lose in excess of $22 billion every year due to traffic jams. The report even mentioned that on an average, it takes around 1.5 hours longer to travel a particular distance compared to other cities in Asia. Blade is looking to target India’s large group of ultra-rich people, who are growing rapidly. As per a Credit Suisse Report published this year, India has more than 340,000 millionaires. Mumbai is home to a number of people at the top of that list, including the richest man of India, Mukesh Ambani.

The CEO, Wiesenthal, for the time being, has his focus on Mumbai along with its surrounding areas for the time being. Blade is basically trying to provide service for the high-end customers. They will provide a template as well as a roadmap. This is due to the fact that urban air mobility has become less expensive. Hence, Blade turns out to be an organization, whose product targets all those for whom time is equivalent to money. They tend to measure the value of a particular route by looking at the time it will take to reach that place via helicopter. Through this measurement, the company is now changing the drives for 6 hours into flights of only 35 minutes. Obviously, it is out of reach for all those, whose level of income is then $2000 every year on average but it will be particularly convenient for those people, for whom time is more important than money.

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