The Runny Nose Is Leaking Brain Fluid of A Man From North Carolina

The Runny Nose is Leaking Brain Fluid of a Man From North Carolina


A man named Greg Phillpotts said he has gone on to fight with something, which he thought to be allergies for the last five years. There were some doctors, who had made the diagnosis of pneumonia and bronchitis. At long last, one doctor made the correct observation and recognized the exact cause, which turned out to be leaking fluid from the brain. Last year, Thanksgiving got completely ruined for Phillpotts and his family after this unexpected thing happened. He said that people could be at any place or might be talking to anyone when this thing can happen.

Right in the beginning of the incident, Phillpotts felt that it was allergies and as mentioned earlier, doctors even diagnosed him with pneumonia and bronchitis. The gentleman said that he was stuffing tissues inside his nose. Things had become normal until the month of February when he was awake the whole night due to a cough. Ultimately he paid a visit to Dr. Alfred Iloreta at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Very soon, they could make out that it was a case of a cerebrospinal fluid leak. The doctor said that the leakage of fluid surrounds the whole brain to act as a primary cushion to protect the brain from trauma or shock. He even said that at times when people suffer from this leakage of the fluid from the brain, it can turn out to be something, which is known as an ascending infection. The bacteria can move on from the nose to the brain, which results in meningitis.

Doctors, as part of their treatment procedure, performed a skull surgery that requires a minimum incision. They made use of a flap of tissue, which got harvested from the body of Phillpotts to rectify the problem. He said that the surgery provided him so much relief that he could start breathing easily. The doctors asked him to remain watchful if he comes across a runny nose on one particular side of his nostril. Most importantly, the patient should note if the taste is salty and gets accompanied by an intense headache.

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