The World is Seeing a Come Back for Measles and the Reasons are Shameful

The World is Seeing a Come Back for Measles and the Reasons are Shameful


The world has not put in enough effort to improve the coverage of vaccination. As a result of this, people are experiencing a resurgence of measles in almost each and every corner of the globe. The year 2017 saw the number of cases related to measles, which got reported, had a rise in excess of 30 percent around the world. This is according to a new report from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. For a number of years, experts have issued a warning that this kind of thing could happen. The reason is that though measles can be easily prevented by getting two doses of vaccine, still there is a requirement of around 95 percent coverage in order to stop the outbreaks from taking place.

As of now, the goal is far from getting achieved. For almost 10 years, the world has failed to allow the coverage of vaccination to go beyond the mark of 85 percent. Last year, the new report found that five out of all six regions of the World Health Organization in the world went on to experience an upward move in the outbreaks of measles, particularly in the Americas along with Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. A fall in the number of cases of measles was only noticed in the Western Pacific region. To watch a disease like measles making a comeback globally is similar to watching any character in a horror film make silly decisions quite slowly.

One thing has gone wrong and that is the main result behind this sudden rise in case of measles. As the disease causes less amount of threat nowadays, so many countries have become very careless in their attempts for ensuring its elimination. Plus, false rumors, to go with the myths and misconceptions related to the vaccine have only managed to add fuel to the recent outburst. The authors, who have come with the report, now call for taking urgent action. They believe that the world requires a sustained amount of investment so that it can help in strengthening the routine services related to vaccination.

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