Trade of Apple iPhones will Offer an Extra Discount of up to 100 Dollars

Trade of Apple iPhones will Offer an Extra Discount of up to 100 Dollars


There is an offer, which Apple is providing their customers for a limited time. The company is giving up to a discount of $100 extra as and when people exchange their old iPhone for either an iPhone XS or iPhone XR. All the potential customers, who are looking to grab the latest iPhones, must consider this promotional offer. This trade-in program from Apple is known by the name of Giveback. It will act as a way through which people can not only recycle their old phones for a new one but also at a discounted rate.

As usual, there are certain conditions in this. The amount comes up in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card and it is only applicable to certain handful models of iPhone. The models include iPhone 6/6 Plus, the iPhone 6S/6S Plus, the iPhone 7/7 Plus and the iPhone 8. Now, in this list, people can clearly note that the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 Plus are not included. Then there is another hurdle. Depending on the kind of model that is there in the hands of individuals, some might not eventually go on to get a discount of $100. For instance, an iPhone 8 set will get a person $25 extra credit in addition to its trade-in value. On the other hand, the iPhone 6S will allow people to enjoy the full amount of $100.

Moreover, adding up to all these, there are variations with regard to the trade-in value that people will receive for their XS or XR phones. The variations will be based on the condition of the phones. People can refer to the list, which Apple has regarding the amount of discount that a person can expect to receive. Still, one must always be prepared to receive lesser than the actual amount especially if the phone is not in the top-notch condition.

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