Trial Treatment for Peanut Allergy Helps Two Out of Three Sufferers

Trial Treatment for Peanut Allergy Helps Two Out of Three Sufferers


There would be times when a girl named Ellis Glover would be compelled to leave her friends and sit at a lunch table, where nobody was having peanut butter as well as jelly sandwiches. The girl’s mother said that the family managed to find out the allergy that Ellis had of a peanut when she was around 3 years old. There would be a reaction on the skin around her mouth after she was provided food with a small number of peanuts in it. The reaction was a mild one but later on, a doctor gave confirmation regarding the allergy after making her undergo some tests. Monica Glover said that exposure of her girl to peanuts in an accidental manner had happened, which resulted in severe cramps in the stomach along with vomiting. Naturally, she had to live in fear almost each and every moment of her daughter getting exposed in an inadvertent manner to peanuts and come across reaction, which has the potential to threaten life.

Monica took advantage of the opportunity to take part in a study on the safety and effectiveness of a trial treatment, which could provide her daughter proper protection against accidental exposure to peanuts. Though it was risky ultimately it turned out to be a gift. The researchers found out that two-thirds of all those kids who got involved in the study could eat somewhere equal to two peanuts without coming up with any kind of symptoms after going through months of this experimental regime for treatment.

The treatment was basically related to the concept of an oral immunotherapy, which comes up in capsules containing power. The concept revolves around treating an allergy by slowly exposing people towards that same thing, which they are allergic to. The treatment was carried out with a peanut powder. It begins at a very low dose and then gradually work one’s way up. First, one should take it at a hospital and then go on to take it at home each and every day. Monica Glover said that even though her daughter hates the taste of the medicine, still she knows that it is extremely effective.

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