trump said federal reserves is the most difficult problem the us is dealing with

Trump Said Federal Reserves Is The Most Difficult Problem The US Is Dealing With


When it comes to Trump, he has a great way of dealing with the problems because without worrying anything, he bluntly criticized what he doesn’t like. Recently Trump said that the federal reserve is the most difficult problem which the USA as of now is facing. Trump said that despite having a strong economy, growing job rates Feds had raised interest rates too early. Feds have always been on the radar of Trump because they have increased the interest rates during a trade war situation with China.

Trump thinks other countries are taking advantage of this situation because of feds nonsupport to Trump for his economic policies. He thinks feds raised interest too soon, too often and did the opposite of what others were doing. Feds, according to Trump, shouldn’t have implemented such a strict economy policy which has taken Wall Street down. Because of such actions, investors are now worried and not giving a good response to the market.

Jeremy Powell, who was elected by Trump as a chairman of Feds, has done everything opposite of what Trump demanded from him. Nearly three months ago, Trump started a trade war with China, which has taken the country’s economy through lots of bad phases. Now he thinks because of weak monetary policies from the Fed country didn’t perform well. Trump’s statement came right after the labor department said that the US managed to create more than 224000 jobs in June. Many analysts didn’t predict that Trump administration might not be able to achieve that target, and they successfully created tons of posts. Even now Trump thinks that the Fed is taking the right decisions and he has clearly said it now publicly by tweeting about it. It will be interesting to see how the Fed is going to react to this criticism from Trump.

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