walkman has recently celebrated its 40th birthday

Walkman Has Recently Celebrated Its 40th Birthday


The music industry has grown a lot from last few years, and forty years ago, Sony launched a product called a Walkman, which changed the way we listen to music. On July 1, 1979, Sony decided to launch a portable cassette which revolutionized the music industry. There was a time when people used to get bothered about loud music; however, Sony with Walkman changed the whole system. Walkman managed to win the hearts of millions of people who got addicted to it, and the 1980s became the most innovative period in tech industry.

One of the primary reasons why Walkman became successful is that it was cheap and quite affordable. Walkman was not the first of its kind because there was a similar German product which didn’t get such popularity because of its high price. At that time, the only thing which people wanted was to have an affordable product, and Sony delivered it in the form of Walkman.

Walkman enjoyed the monopoly in music player industry for a considerable period and that time was great for Sony. During the 1980s CD era started and that too couldn’t affect that much on Walkman. Some people used to prefer Walkman over other music players because they liked to for its excellent user interface. During that period the CD era started, buy Sony launched an upgraded version of Walkman 2, which managed to grab more attention. Even though now the music industry has completely changed and people use cloud services to listen to their favorite songs anytime, there was a time when Walkman used to be people’s biggest priority. Apple’s iPod dragged the whole market of Walkman, and soon, digital music also changed everything but still on its fortieth birthday all the music lovers appreciate the efforts Sony took at that time.

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