walmart is soon going to start home delivering groceries

Walmart Is Soon Going To Start Home Delivering Groceries


Everyone likes to do shopping because sometimes it makes you feel good. But, it would be better if the daily groceries which you need gets home delivered, right?. It seems like Walmart might be doing the exact thing because reports are coming that retail giant company is thinking of providing groceries directly to its customers. Reportedly Walmart is going to deliver the groceries which its customers want instantly into their fridge. Retail giant company is thinking of getting into the business of home delivery, and they have thought of starting it by delivering daily groceries into the refrigerator of such shoppers.

Currently, this plan is going to be implemented in three cities, namely: Kansas City, Missouri, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, Florida. More than one million people who are living in these cities might be getting their daily groceries delivered at their place. Walmart is going to use one of its tech incubator company to launch this service. Store no. 8 is the incubation arm of Walmart, which consists of many new and innovative tech startups aiming to transform the future of home delivery and shopping.

This new move of Walmart is the result of its biggest rival, Amazon, which is planning to bring innovation in delivering goods to American households with the help of new tech devices. Walmart has already said by the end of 2019; they are going to reach more than 75% of the total Americans by delivering their desired goods. The online commerce industry is getting changed a lot because now people do not want only products to order online, but also they want it to be delivered at rocket speed. Amazon is already building its transport facility by investing a considerable amount of money into it. Walmart, on the other hand, might be slow at this but so many people use retail giant company’s services, they might get a good response in this new field of delivering groceries.

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