Walmart Will Surpass Apple on the Biggest Ecommerce Retailers List


Walmart Inc., which includes the retailer of the same name, Sam’s Club and will surpass Apple Inc. to secure the number three spot on the ranking of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers. In the year 2017, the sales share of Apple was 3.8%, little more than of Walmart’s share of 3.3%. Now, for this year of 2018, Walmart is well positioned to have a sales share of 4%. Thus they will swap places with Apple, which will have 3.9% of the share in sales. The top two retailers in the e-commerce segment for this year of 2018 will be Inc. with 48% and eBay with 7.2%. Still, the latest earnings of Walmart show that they are making sufficient progress in all those areas where Amazon has been performing in a weak manner, like letting customers buy groceries online.

The Principal Analyst of eMarketer, Andres Lips man said that the e-commerce business of Walmart has been performing extremely well of late. They have kept their pace up with the ever-growing business of online groceries. This has obviously got the help from consumers adopting the click and collect option in a massive manner. The organization posted profits of $1.7 billion on a $124.9 billion revenue for the third quarter. It is slightly on the higher side than what the analysts expected. Sales at stores, which have been open for at least a year, have gone up 3.4%, still down from the 4.5% increase at the US division of Walmart.

Since the time Walmart bought two years back for more than $3 billion, Walmart has gone on to expand their online business by acquiring brands and also add up thousands of items. It has managed to increase their level of delivering groceries and options for pickup. The pickup of groceries is now offered at almost 2100 of their 4700 stores in the US. On the other hand, delivery of groceries is available in close to 600 locations. Under the CEO, Greg Foran, Walmart has looked to create a shopping experience, which is powered by technology at their stores. On the other hand, it transformed them into extremely efficient distribution centers, which can fill online orders to reduce shipping costs and fasten up the process of deliveries.

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