YouTube, Gmail, Google and Snapchat Were Down in Eastern US

YouTube, Gmail, Google and Snapchat Were Down in Eastern US


Last night, YouTube, Gmail, and Google services faced a massive outage in the Eastern parts of the United States of America. In a brief black period, the services were down and not accessible by the users residing in the eastern parts of the US. Not just the Google services, but other popular sites like Discord, Snapchat, and others faced the outage too. According to the statement from Google, the high traffic congestion in the Eastern Part of the US caused massive disruption for all of the Google apps and services.

In the official statement shared while the issue was ongoing, the company said that they had found the cause behind this issue. As the cause was massive congestion, the users of Google service residing in that area faced performance issues and occasional errors. Google said the service would restore shortly. According to the entries on the Status page of Google services, Cloud Compute Engine and Cloud Networking services were the first ones to face the issues with due to network congestion, which affected the third-party services that were using the CCE and Networking services as a web host. Discord and Snapchat were prominent services faced the brief downtime in the Eastern Parts of the US.

After an outage for 3-4 hours, the services were Back online, and the status page of Google services showed no errors or downtimes. Most of the users faced no issues after 3-4 hours, but a small number of users still faced the problem for the next couple of hours. Fortunately, the issue was with the network service providers in the Eastern Parts of the country and not with the Tech companies itself. After encountering the errors loading the sites, thousands of affected users started flooding Twitter with hashtags #YouTubeDOWN and #SnapchatDOWN.

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